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"The birth of the British Journal for Military History will be as welcome as it is long overdue.

Sir Michael Howard

The past few decades have seen the appearance of a new generation of military historians. Some have been serving or retired members of the Armed Forces; some academics or aspiring academics; and some - most welcome of all – amateurs who write for the sheer love of it. The continuing demand for their work is evidenced in every major bookshop, where ‘Military History’ shelves often take up as much space as does mere ‘History’. Even those whose primary interest is not military history as such now realise that a knowledge of the subject is necessary if they are to understand the past, to say nothing of the present. Military history is now too important to be left to the military historians.

For the past few years military historians have been able to communicate with each another at the annual meetings of the British Commission for Military History and through its publication Mars and Clio. Now the BJMH will make their work available to a far wider readership and should attract an increasing number of contributors. It will be not only British, and not only military historians who will wish it well." 

Professor Sir Michael Howard

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Volume 3, Issue 3 - EDITORIAL

Welcome to issue 3 of our third volume.

In this edition we take a closer look at the First World War at Sea. Working with the Journal for Maritime Research, this issue pulls together a number of papers from a conference put on by the British Commission for Military History and hosted at the National Maritime Museum in London during the summer of last year.

With a foreword from Professor Andrew Lambert, the articles consider aspects of naval power that typically elude the eye of those who might ordinarily focus their attention on the big naval actions of the war. Yes, we have a study of destroyers in action during Jutland but for the most part this issue investigates the challenges of working as part of alliance structures or matters relating to building navies or maintaining blockades. In this respect we are particularly pleased to be showcasing the scholarship of British, French and American authors.

On top of this we have a number of reviews, one of which is my favourite of all those that we have published over the past three years. Jo Stanley’s summary of All in the Same Boat by Warren Fitzgerald offers an enticing examination of military masculinity as the civilian crew of the Norland made their way to the Falklands in April 1982. I very much hope that once you’ve made your way through the articles we might further entice you to dip into the reviews.

We hope you enjoy this issue. As ever, we welcome your comments and feedback.


Vol 3, No 3 (2017)

Cover Page

10 April, 1869, ‘ The Volunteer Review at Dover: View of Dover from the Sea—The Naval Squadron Attacking the Forts’, Illustrated London News 

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Table of Contents


Andrew Lambert
Eugene Edward Beiriger
John Brooks
Stephen W.A. Cobb
Howard J. Fuller
Christopher Martin, Jean De Préneuf, Thomas Vaisset

Book Reviews

Christoph Declercq and Julian Walker (ed.). Languages and the First World War: Representation and Memory
Catherine Baker
William Wright, A British Lion in Zululand: Sir Garnet Wolseley in South Africa
Ian F.W. Beckett
Xu Guoqi, Asia and the Great War: A Shared History. With a foreword by Jay Winter
Michael W. Charney
Matthew Green, Aftershock: The Untold Story of Surviving Peace
Ildiko Csengei
Stephen Summerfield and Susan Law, Sir John Moore and the Universal Soldier, I: The Man, the Commander and the Shorncliffe System of Training
Charles Esdaile
Brian Hughes, Defying The IRA: Intimidation, Coercion and Communities during the Irish Revolution
Declan O'Reilly
Michael Livingston and K elly De Vries (eds), The Battle of Crécy . A Casebook
Michael Prestwich
Norman Ohler, Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany
James Pugh
T . A. Heathcote, Balochistan, the British and the Great Game: The Struggle for the Bolan Pass, Gateway to India
Kaushik Roy
Warren FitzGerald, All in the Same Boat: The Untold Story of the British Ferry Crew Who Helped Win the Falklands War
Jo Stanley


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