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Following the BCMH AGM 2018, the BJMH will enter a hiatus. Further questions about the journal should be directed to the BCMH Secretary-General, Andy Grainger: secgen@bcmh.org.ukThe BJMH is a pioneering Open Access, peer-reviewed journal that brings high quality scholarship in military history to an audience beyond academia.


The British Journal for Military History (BJMH) launched on Trafalgar Day 2014. This pioneering Open Access, peer-reviewed journal is published three times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn), caters for all periods and will bring high quality scholarship to a large audience beyond academia.

It will be of interest to anyone who enjoys military history and will consider and publish work on a broad range of themes from any period or war.

The journal has an Editorial Advisory Board that includes some of the world’s leading military historians.

Journal Editorial Advisory Board


Professor Brian Bond (Emeritus Professor, King's College London and former President BCMH)
Andy Grainger (Secretary-General, BCMH)
Ian Brewer (Treasurer, BCMH)


Dr Andrew Ayton (Senior Research Fellow, University of Hull and University of Keele)

Dr Philip W Blood (Member, BCMH)

Dr Huw Davies (JSCSC; King’s College London)

Dr Christina JM Goulter (JSCSC; King's College London)
Professor Richard Grayson (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Professor Beatrice Heuser (University of Glasgow)
Professor Brian Holden-Reid (King’s College London)
Professor Matthew Hughes (Brunel University)

Dr Halik Kochanski (independent Scholar and Member, BCMH)

Dr Jessica Meyer (University of Leeds)

Dr Declan O’Reilly (University of East Anglia)
Professor Gary Sheffield (University of Wolverhampton)

Dr Andy Simpson (Member, BCMH)
Professor Sir Hew Strachan (University of St Andrews)
Jonathan Ferguson (Royal Armouries)
Seb Cox (Air Historical Branch – UK MoD)
Bob Evans (Army Historical Branch – UK MoD)
Stephen Prince (Naval Historical Branch – UK MoD)



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ISSN: 2057-0422

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